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Rhinoplasty: Is it What You Really Want? Pros & Cons of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can dramatically change your overall look. Yes it is really very exiting but it is very much important to understand what this surgery can and cannot provide you in terms of results. It really requires a planning and a good choice. Before consulting or going for a nose job you must answer these questions:

• Is it what I exactly want?
• Is it what I need?
• Is it affordable?
• What results I should expect?
• What might be the risk that I will face?
• Will something improve by this undertaking?

Atlanta Rhinoplasty Critic

These questions are the keys for guiding you in pre operation phase of your Rhinoplasty procedure.
Let’s first discuss some Rhinoplasty drawbacks:

Like all other surgeries, a nose job has its own risks and complications. So you must take care of the post operation strategies prescribed by the Surgeon. Here are some drawbacks:

Drawbacks of Rhinoplasty

• The operation is simple but you need to undergo painstaking post operative care. Post operative care includes precautions and you must take care that you must follow what your surgeon says. Follow the instruction carefully given by your surgeon.

• Pain and numbness, it is very much common in every surgical procedure, so with time it will heal. And your nose will feel as before.

• Expectations not reached: No one is perfect in the world, so is the procedure, there may be glitches in the procedure. So sometimes you didn’t get desired results.

Costs: This procedure is not cheap. Usually this procedure is not covered by insurance unless in special circumstances where one prove that he/she is doing it because it is interfering the breathing and an authorized doctor prescribe it. Else you need to pay around $7000 and more (estimate).

By knowing the drawbacks you might be thinking that this process is not worth it. But it is not true. It is having the potential to change your overall appearance and boost self-confidence in you. So have a look on the plus point of Rhinoplasty.

Plus Points of Rhinoplasty

Attain Prettier Appearance: Yes, beauty and appearance is the main motive of this procedure now a days. Appearances do matter and beauty plays the biggest role in the procedure. Expert says that “your nose defines you”. And a good nose will compliment your face and bring balance and harmony to the face.

Improve Breathing: If you are suffering from sleep apnea, Rhinoplasty is the best solution to improve it. By increasing space in nasal cavity you can easily improve your breathing.

Minimize Sinus: Sinus infections are caused due to the shape for the nose. So Rhinoplasty can help to minimize the sinus infection among people.

Increase Confidence: Good looks always boost you self confidence. And Rhinoplasty can bring overall change in your appearance this will gives you more confidence. If you have improved looks you probably getting bold and more confident. This can have a huge impact in your love life, career and life.

So you can see how Rhinoplasty is helpful in building not only your life but also health. Atlanta Rhinoplasty Critic can help you in getting your goal. It provides real honest reviews on Rhinoplasty and is a platform that brings Atlanta’s best Rhinoplasty Surgeons together.
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